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    The world's first commercially coin-operated video game was Computer Space

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    Just to keep everyone in the loop, the EFG website will still be pretty inactive for the next few months. The reason for this is that we're focusing on putting our efforts towards our upcoming publications and a brand new website.

    Also, more good news-Eye for Games is now an officially registered business. This should open us some more opportunities for us in the future.

    Remember to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to hear the latest news about publications or the website. We'll post more updates as they come along.

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    EFG magazine 2013.2 | cover by: Dion Koster

    In this issue: interview with James Primate (Bright Primate), Anomaly 2 story design, character design and development process, a sneak peek behind Skara: The Blade Remains, Eye For Platforming, and more...

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