About Us

Eye For Games is the platform where game design and development is being told, expressed, discovered, and appreciated.


Eye For Games was founded in Amsterdam in 2014 by Rai Sewgobind, an avid gamer with an eye for the art and business of making video games. Her passion turned Eye For Games into a premier platform for video game aficionados to appreciate and celebrate the industry, profession and art form. She challenges the game industry to look from different perspectives at the design and development process of making video games.


EFG’s book, The Art and Design of Video Games, featuring Guildwars 2, Don’t Starve, PlanetSide 2, The Banner Saga, Cuphead, HAWKEN and more, is a comprehensive look at the production of some of the industry’s more intriguing titles.


Today, Eye For Games continues to bring video game aficionados and game developers together on a platform where game development is being captured.