Bringing Crash Force’s essential multiplayer to life
author Jerry Kline | November 16, 2017
Transforming Electric Panic into Aftercharge We spoke with Chainsawesome Games to discuss how their game 2D game Electric Panic was made into Aftercharge, a 3D first-person game.
Making the world of Yonder feel colorful, cute, and alive Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is an open world adventure game developed by Prideful Sloth. Discover more about the game through this GameDev story where we follow the process on Environment Design, Town Design, and Creature Design.
The Style and Texturing of Shadow Tactics Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a tactical strategy game set in feudal Japan, with an emphasis on stealth. The player controls a small cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and style.
Mysterious Creature Designs and A.I. in Syndrome Boris Raguza, 3D artist and Art Director at Camel 101 explains a bit more about the creature designs and their artificial intelligence in Syndrome.
The Papercraft Art and Animation of Book of Demons Discover the papercraft art and animation of the game Book of Demons developed by Thing Trunk. It's the first installment of the Return 2 Games series.
Pixel Art and Level Design of Flinthook We delve deeper into the development of the art and levels that inspired Tribute Games to create Flinthook.
The Comic Book Inspiration & Visual Art behind Morning Men Pixel Federation’s Daniel Mihalik, the Lead Artist, and Lukas Nizky, Head of Development of Morning Men are talking about the concept of their title and what inspired its art.
Designing and Animating the Cast of Characters in Viking Squad EFG talks with Slick Entertainment about the cast of their game Viking Squad, how they created the protagonists, and what it took to bring them to life with animation.
Ghastly Art & Modernized Levels of Corpses ‘N Souls We interviewed Kai Kubicek, lead developer for Corpses ‘N Souls: an homage to classic side-scrolling action-adventure titles like Castlevania and Metroid with a macabre twist. We discuss the development and processes involved with the art and level design.
Psychedelic Astral World and Creation of Karma We interviewed AuraLab to discuss the development behind the incredible psychedelic art, environment and creature designs of Karma. Incarnation1.