Purposeful Humor and Fun in Post Human W.A.R
author Jerry Kline | February 13, 2018
Designing the Low Poly RPG World of For The King IronOak Game’s For The King is a strategic, difficult, turned based RPG with a deliberate low-poly style. We spoke with IronOak to discuss the art, design, and multiplayer aspects of their game, as well as the challenges and expectations of early access games.
Venture through the mysterious Lovecraftian thriller, Conarium Discover this gamedev story about the story, environment, and level designs of Conarium. A Lovecraftian thriller game developed by Zoetrope Interactive.
The Metronomicon and the Challenges of Making a Music RPG The Metronomicon is a unique blend of a rhythm game infused with an RPG. We spoke with the indie developer behind The Metronomicon to find out how they were able to successfully combine the two genres, and the challenges they faced from blending two very different genres into one game.
Designing the Combat and Skill Tree in Asura Battle through this GameDev story about the Combat and Skill Design in Asura, developed by Ogre Head Studio based in Hyderabad, India. Asura is a fantasy Action Role Playing Game and inspired by the Indian mythology.
The Clockwork Mansion Design of The Sexy Brutale The Sexy Brutale is a puzzle game that sets a murder mystery within a clockwork-like, interconnected series of rooms in a mansion. The player is tasked with exploring the world and meeting characters that they will have to save. We spoke with the developer to discuss some of the challenges of The Sexy Brutale’s interconnected world, and how they came to piece it together.
Making a different kind of shoot ‘em up with Trackher Ask An Enemy Studios is looking to put a unique twist on the shoot ‘em up genre with A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher, an unconventional shooter that challenges players to get the highest score possible, then choose when to exit the game and end their high score run. We spoke to Ask An Enemy Studios about the design challenges of creating a modern shoot ‘em up when you are the sole developer.
Transforming Electric Panic into Aftercharge We spoke with Chainsawesome Games to discuss how their game 2D game Electric Panic was made into Aftercharge, a 3D first-person game.
Making the world of Yonder feel colorful, cute, and alive Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is an open world adventure game developed by Prideful Sloth. Discover more about the game through this GameDev story where we follow the process on Environment Design, Town Design, and Creature Design.
The Style and Texturing of Shadow Tactics Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is a tactical strategy game set in feudal Japan, with an emphasis on stealth. The player controls a small cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and style.
Mysterious Creature Designs and A.I. in Syndrome Boris Raguza, 3D artist and Art Director at Camel 101 explains a bit more about the creature designs and their artificial intelligence in Syndrome.